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Mitsubishi Connect is a service that provides owners with a safe and convenient driving experience. Its services were engineered to give you an all-new driving experience that will make even your everyday drives more enjoyable.

Gain reassurance when it comes to all-around safety. Mitsubishi Connect’s Safeguard Services support vehicle owners in the event of an accident. . Pressing the SOS switch in your vehicle’s cabin activates a manual call to the call center in which the vehicle owner can speak with a live person and give specific details of the emergency. Not sure where you are located exactly? That’s okay! The call center can locate the vehicle in real-time and ask the roadside service provider for additional help. The sensor information (severity of the accident) or location of the accident is automatically reported to a live person delivering quick and responsive services. In addition to preventing accidents, any maintenance or repair issue can be detected early by analyzing the vehicle’s information.

Mitsubishi Motors artificial intelligence makes it possible to link the information on the cloud through activity at the driver’s home. You can even enjoy recommended coupons based on your interest and hobbies while you’re on the go!

Mitsubishi’s Smartphone Link Display Audio software is equipped with a rearview back-up system and offers hands-free calling and music connected via BluetoothR. Smartphone Link plays the content stored in a USB or a HDMI connected device. Take a look at compatible applications and compatible smartphones. Below are the standard features for Android and Apple CarPlay users.

Android: Before you head to your destination, connect your smartphone to the available USB port. Android Auto will take the useful information and automatically organize them into cards that will appear whenever you need them to. Can’t remember if it was a right or left turn at the first or second light? No worries, Google Maps can pinpoint your current location and help you the rest of the way. Without taking your hands off the steering wheel, the voice-guided navigation, Real-time Traffic information, and Lane Guidance will safely get you to your destination. Enjoy your favorite music with apps like Google Play Music. Want to listen to a song that’s isn’t on your playlist? Say the title of the song and take advantage of the best-in-class speech technology available. Use Android Auto to also make calls and check voice messages as well as send and receive text messages.

Apple CarPlay: Connect your iPhone to the USB port, and just like that you can use Siri voice control to set your destination. Use the navigation to give you turn-by-turn directions. The available maps can also provide estimated travel time and current as well expected traffic conditions. You can also use the addresses from your phone’s contacts via email, text message and even calendar events. Thanks to Siri you can read, reply, and send your text messages without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Other Features include:

Automatic Collision Notification: In the unfortunate event of a collision, the system will automatically respond by activating an emergency call to the call center.

Information Assistance: When the vehicle owner presses the “I” button on the overhead console, they will gain access to non-emergency roadside assistance or account management services.

Alarm Notification: My MITSUBISHI CONNECT app will automatically notify vehicle owners when their security alarm is activated.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance: If your vehicle gets stolen, the vehicle can be located by the call center via the transmitter.

Mileage Tracker: Keeps a history of miles driven daily.


Take control via smartphones and smart speakers. Control your Mitsubishi’s Remote Services via the mobile app, the owner portal website or Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

Lock and unlocks doors from your smartphone application, web portal or smart speaker. Remote Services can also locate your vehicle within a one-mile radius of the owner’s smartphone location.

Other features of include…

Remote Climate Control: Adjust the climate control temperature setting of the interior cabin.

Remote Lights: Turn on/off vehicle headlights from the smartphone app.

Vehicle Settings: Create your customized presets for your vehicle to uniquely fit you.

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